BLUE SORROW, 13 min, Drama, 2014 

DVD Box Set


In this dark family drama, we meet young Edward, as he is trying to come to terms with his father's traumatic death. As much as he wants to move on, Edward can't help but regret his mother's resulting state of depression and alcoholism. So, he is determined to step up and be the male figure his mother needs around, even if that means crossing boundaries she didn't suspect could be crossed. 

- Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner (France, 2014).

- Beverly Hills Film Festival (USA, 2014).

- Cine a la Calle (Colombia, 2015).

- Ficma, Feria Intl. de Cine de Manizales (Colombia, 2015).

- Fmk Intl. Short Film Festival (Italy, 2015).