SYNAPSE, 12 min, Thriller, 2016


The walls of fiction and reality fade in Tyler's mind, as his nurse in his mental institution plots a nasty destiny for him and the other patients. 

Trailer Awards

- Best Short Film Trailer at Glendale International Film Festival (USA, 2016).

- Best Short Film Trailer at The Valley Film Festival (USA, 2016).

- Gold Award at Prestige Film Awards (USA, 2015). 

- Award of Merit - Special Mention at Accolade Competition (USA, 2015).

- Award of Merit at Indie Fest Film Awards (USA, 2015).

- Award of Recognition at Best Short Competition (USA, 2015).

- Best Thriller Trailer at Wendy's Shorts (USA, 2015).

Trailer Selections

- Washington PA Film Festival (USA, 2015).

- Focus Intl. Film Festival (USA, 2015).

- New Media Film Festival (USA, 2015).

- Access Code Short Film Festival (USA, 2015).

- Film Trailer Festival (USA, 2015).

- Barcelona Planet Festival (Spain, 2015).